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Get Your 329 Card

We Are Here to Guide You.  Completing the certification process can be cumbersome and overwhelming. We’re here to provide the tools and resources to get started on your medical cannabis journey.

Step 1

See if you Qualify

Hawaii law requires all qualified patients to be registered with the Department of Health (DOH) Medical Cannabis Program before they begin using medical cannabis. Our Product Specialists can help guide you through the registration process.

Click here for a list of qualifying conditions

Step 2

Talk to a Provider

Establishing a long-standing relationship with your recommending provider, either physician or an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), is essential to optimally managing your condition.

If you do not have a certifying provider, please let us know and we will gladly help you find one that best suits your needs. 

Below is a list of providers that are certifying on Maui: 

Dr. Till Hansen (808) 242-5856 (Wailea)
Dr. Ramin Altaha (808) 242-1110 (Wailuku)
Ivy Lou Hibbit APRN (808) 727-1920 (Kahului) or schedule online at
Dr. Scott Boren (808) 298-1242 | Call for an appointment Terry (808) 250-4335  (Wailuku)
Dr. Joseph Kamaka III (808) 244-5551 (Wailuku)
Mollie Palmer APRN (907) 360-8872 | Call for an appointment Shirley Ramey (619) 417-0321 (Kihei)
Emeke Owkuje MD (808) 419-7445 (Kihei)
Robert Mastroianni MD (808) 573-8900 (Makawao)
Dr. Jeffrey Chester MD (808) 249-8887 (Wailuku)
Shanon Richards APRN (808) 667-7676 (Lahaina)

Step 3

DOH Process

  1. Create an account at

  2. Complete and submit your application with your certifying provider.

  3. The DOH will verify your application and issue you an electronic 329 Card.

  4. Once the process is complete, the DOH will email your 329 card directly to you.

Note: The approval process can take anywhere from a few days up to 3 weeks.

For more information visit: 


Kahului Store

Dairy Road

(808) 489-9454

415 Dairy Road
Kahului, Hawaii
Monday - Saturday
8am - 7:30pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm

Kihei Store


(808) 633-4153

95 E Lipoa Street
Kihei, Hawaii
Sunday - Saturday 10:30am - 6pm

Pāʻia Store


(808) 385-0683

149 Hana Highway
Pāʻia, Hawaii
Monday - Friday 
8am - 4pm
Sat - Sun | Closed

Wailuku Store

Market Street

(808) 495-8593

115 N Market Street
Wailuku, Hawaii
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