PONO LIFE MAUI | Hawaii's leading provider of medical cannabis
PONO LIFE MAUI - Hawaii's leading provider of medical cannabis
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Cardholder Centered

PONO LIFE MAUI puts cardholders first. We provide a professional and caring experience for cardholders, easing their suffering while striving to improve their overall quality of life. Come visit us today – Walk-ins and appointments welcome!

Physician Driven

PONO LIFE MAUI sets the gold standard. Our physician-led team develops naturally-grown botanical therapies designed to address cardholders’ specific needs by establishing and applying best practice methods, grounded in research and driven towards quality, safety and efficacy.

Duty Bound

PONO LIFE MAUI serves Hawaii with a deep sense of responsibility. Hawaiian-owned, we are a coalition local stakeholders aligned with local issues. It is our mission to serve our communities by respecting the interests of public safety and public health.

We are Here to Guide You

Completing the certification process can be cumbersome and overwhelming. We strive to provide the tools and resources necessary to confidently initiate a pathway of compassionate care.

Get informed

If you suffer from a chronic or debilitating condition, medical cannabis is a natural, low-risk option that may alleviate some of the symptoms that occur as a result of your condition. Contact us to stay informed and receive a Pono Cardholder Information Guide, which provides an easy-to-follow pathway to becoming a certified Cardholder or caregiver.

Consult with a Healthcare Provider

We can help you establish a relationship with a physician or advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) who can certify your condition and use of medical cannabis.


Together with your provider, complete the medical cannabis certification and registration process with Hawaii’s Department of Health. Once your application is approved, you will receive a 329 card in the mail and be eligible to purchase medical cannabis to alleviate your certified condition.

Walk-ins and Appointments Welcome!

Visit us at Pono Life Maui’s flagship location to speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists to find a pathway suited to your needs

The Gold Standard of Advanced Therapies

Learn how our plant-to-cardholder process establishes the industry gold standard for quality, accountability, and responsibility.

Driven by Research

Medical cannabis is composed of over 100 active compounds that work with naturally occurring receptors in the human body. Cannabis is a low-risk option that can help with the treatment of a number of chronic and debilitating conditions. We are creating next-generation cannabis-based medicines using sound research principles, driven by cardholder outcomes.

Engineered for your Needs

Each cardholder’s needs are unique. Our Hawaiian-grown products draw from our community’s rich agricultural history and are refined at the molecular level with quality outcomes as the goal, allowing us to achieve a scientifically-oriented, personalized approach. This method of streamlined strain development ultimately helps cardholders more effectively manage their conditions.

Best-practices for Health and Safety

Our production strategies apply food-grade manufacturing and laboratory-testing standards to certify the integrity of each of our products to promote safe consumption. A PONO LIFE MAUI product specialist can further assist cardholders and caregivers in understanding the benefits and use of our botanical therapies and provide an environment of best-in-class care management.

Can Medical Cannabis alleviate your cardholder’s needs?

Physicians, we invite you to join our discussion of cannabis-based botanical medicines. To receive a PONO LIFE MAUI Physician Information Guide provide your information below and make an appointment to visit our flagship location.

A Responsibility to Community Health

We make it our responsibility in all of our operations to make the conscious decision to do the right thing, for the right reason, striving to elevate overall community health in the interests of our cardholder, caregivers, and providers.


Partnering with the Community
Come meet us! We are dedicated to being a “best-in-class” cardholder-centric, physician-driven leader in medical botanical products and services. Our trained healthcare and service professionals are here to navigate you through Hawaii’s medical cannabis program as it concerns cardholders, physicians, and our community.


Operating Safely
Cardholder, product, and community safety is paramount. While our products may benefit Cardholder suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions, we seek to facilitate cardholders’ responsible use. All our operations are highly secure, financially sure, locally-owned and geared towards preserving the best-interest of our community.


Next-generation of Wellness
We are a knowledge-based, therapeutically-focused educational leader in legal cannabis. Our mission is to advance life sciences by providing carholders, physicians, and the community with resources that ensure proper understanding and use of our products. We invite you to join us as we learn together.


Outstanding Service
Through secure and discreet access to medical cannabis products and educational resources driven by compassion, we hope to improve quality of life for those who medically need us most.

Visit Us! Walk-ins and Appointments Welcome!



Appointments can be made on our Yelp page. Walk-ins welcome! Please contact us for information on today’s product menu and pricing.


Contact us




415 Dairy Road, Suite A
Kahului, Maui, HI 96732

Get Informed, Stay Informed

Medical Cannabis is a fast-pace industry, constantly making advances. PONO LIFE MAUI wants to make sure our cardholders have the most accurate and up to date information. Sign up and let us help you get educated!