Will you need access to medical cannabis on your next trip to Hawaii? We have options.

Option 1

I have a medical cannabis card in my home state

Exciting news! The State of Hawaii has launched an Out-of-State (OS) program. This allows you access medical cannabis here in Hawaii after you register your current home state’s card with the Department of Health.

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How do I participate?

  1. Complete a quick and easy online registration on the Department of Health website that validates your home-state medical cannabis card information.

  2. Pay a fee of $49.50.

  3. Once your card is approved, you will receive a digital Hawaii 329 card valid for 60 days, which can be renewed for up to an additional 60-day term.

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Option 2

I don’t have a medical cannabis card from a US state or jurisdiction

Hawaii does not have a residency requirement to get an instate 329 card, so you can obtain a card on your visit if you are here for an extended visit. You must allow at least a week to complete the process.

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